Let’s celebrate our 100th course

We are very proud of the ACDL team for the release of the 100th e-learning course for #frontliners employees dedicated to Wellbeing and CRS. ACDL micro-learning library is compatible with all leading learning LMS and Mobile learning apps. Each course can also be accessed via ACDL: The Academy app. Our content is available in more than ten languages including as a standard: […]

Well-Being Series: Go Green & Breathing

Au Coeur Du Luxe is launching a new well-being series for your frontline team.  Get ready for the upcoming Earth day with our well-being series. Are you ready to become an eco-friendly person? In the Go Green course you will learn how to conserve energy, use recyclables, challenge your colleagues with our Green challenge and calculate your own carbon […]

Happy International Women’ s Day 2022 !

Happy International Women’s Day. We celebrate the bold carriers and actions of the women in our community and in frontline roles that represents this year of breaking the bias. Au Coeur Du Luxe has developed a special E-Learning Women’s Day quiz to celebrate women’s achievement. How will you help forge a gender equal world? We can […]

Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger

In traditional Chinese culture, Tiger is a symbol of courage, power and protection. ACDL Team wishes you a healthy, successful and roaring start in the Year of Tiger.祝你身体健康,恭喜发财

We Need All Of You to Make It work!

Have you imagined living with your family in a very small capsule house? The Housing problem is being the severe challenge to HongKongers and many of them live in a capsule house which is a super small unit divided from a small flat. Even though they live in that small unit with adverse environment, the […]

French Tech Talk – The Rise of VR/AR Technologies

With the growing adoption of AR/VR technologies, this event will give you an introduction to those technologies while giving you practical use cases in various industries: education and e-learning, creative industry, e-commerce, and creative industries. Laurence will present the latest development in technology, both AR and VR have made strides in E-learning. ACDL will showcase […]