We Need All Of You to Make It work!

Have you imagined living with your family in a very small capsule house? The Housing problem is being the severe challenge to HongKongers and many of them live in a capsule house which is a super small unit divided from a small flat. Even though they live in that small unit with adverse environment, the […]

French Tech Talk – The Rise of VR/AR Technologies

With the growing adoption of AR/VR technologies, this event will give you an introduction to those technologies while giving you practical use cases in various industries: education and e-learning, creative industry, e-commerce, and creative industries. Laurence will present the latest development in technology, both AR and VR have made strides in E-learning. ACDL will showcase […]

LATEST RELEASE Travel retail Hainan E-learning Courses

We are excited to announce the release of a new E-learning training series on Hainan Chinese market to brand ambassadors and frontliers. Consult our E-learning library on-line” https://lnkd.in/gyutxmqR Get very operational tips to be used to sell to your travellers.​In this course, you will gain:– Selling tips– Distance selling– Critical information on HAINAN​– Why to maximize allowance​– 6 golden rules […]

ACDL Virtual Travel Retail Expo 2021

Visit our booth at The Moodie Davitt Report from 11-15 October 2021 and discover: Are you ready for the Future of Learning ? – Virtual Learning: Get your VR headset ready !– 3D Games: Gamification takes a new dimension.– Universal content converter: Do you speak SCORM ?– Upcoming courses releases: Hainan TR, Negotiating… So watch this […]

ACDL International recognized with the Mobile – Luxury Retail win at China Technology Excellence Awards 2021

Au Coeur du Luxe (ACDL) International wins in the Mobile – Luxury Retail category at the China Technology Excellence Awards 2021. Watch our interview with Laurence Ouaknine, President of ACDL International, to know more about ACDL: The Library and how it adapts to diverse learner profiles through AI and machine learning. Interview link: https://lnkd.in/gVb6VE9i Read more about […]

Interview – French Chamber of Commerce and Industry In Hong Kong

How will Hong Kong’s luxury retail market be different in the post-COVID world? The pandemic has drastically impacted the retail industry: the way luxury groups are selling as much as the way shoppers are buying. Some changes are more obvious than others but will not stay long: the lack of tourists, the rent discount offered by […]