Improve your employee’s experience

According to the “Early 2022 retail and consumer products industry trends” from Deloitte, more and more retailers are putting their focus on employee experience that equivalent to customer experience in order to get ready for the upcoming holiday shopping season to accommodate in-store and online shoppers. Access the report here. Looking to improve your employee’s experience […]

Why Onboarding is so important

What is Onboarding? Onboarding refers to the process of helping new hires understand their day-to-day responsibilities and the company’s values and goals. It also engages employees that are committed to the company’s success and help them integrate into the organization. However, Gallup & Robinson reported that only 12% of the employees feel their company did […]

How E-Learning influence your Business KPI’s

Based on research and effective case study, Business goals and Learning have to be in phase to deliver the best outcome. E-learning initiative can help your frontliners to address specific pain points and satisfy the ambition of your workforce according regardless of their stage of development. E-learning remains one of the most effective tools to […]

Sesame interview French podcast March 2021

One hour and 12 minutes spent with Laurence Ouaknine talking about #retail #luxury #training and much more… A fascinating entrepreneurial career back and forth between Hong Kong and Shanghai: Au Coeur du Luxe (ACDL) Check out here: https://cutt.ly/dlfTjw3