This website is operated by « Au Coeur Du Luxe-Hong Kong » Limited, a company duly organized and existing under the law of Hong Kong and having its registered place of business at Room 1602, 16/F, Arion Commercial Centre, 2-12 Queen’s Road West, Sheung Wan HONG KONG (« ACDL »). The terms and conditions set out below (the “Terms”) apply to any person using the Website and to any Client (“you”/”your” or « the Client »). By accessing any pages or content within the Website, you shall be deemed to have accepted the Terms. Please read them carefully before you access any other pages on the Website. If you do not accept any of the Terms, you must not access any other pages within the Website, and leave this page immediately.

All dealings between ACDL and the Client shall be governed by these terms and conditions which shall prevail over any others.

  1. These terms and conditions and any contract formed pursuantm to them may be varied provided any variation is confirmed in writing by an authorised representative of ACDL.
  2. A binding contract will be formed when ACDL accepts a Client’s order for services (the “Contract”). An invoice will be dispatched prior to the performance of the services and shall be payable within 30 days (subject to paragraph 5) except if the Contract precises another term of payment.
  3. A copy of these terms and conditions will be dispatched on ACDL website as well as on all confirmation letters sent by ACDL. If the Client has not had prior sight of them and reasonably objects to any of these terms and conditions, the Client shall be entitled to notify such objection to ACDL within 7 days of first sight (failing which these terms and conditions will be deemed to have been accepted) and, provided a solution to the objection cannot be reached between the parties, cancel the Contract without penalty after 7 days of such notification.
  4. In the case of the provision of a training course by ACDL, payment must be made in full prior to the commencement of the course. Certificates to prove completion of the course may be withheld by ACDL until payment is made. No refund shall be given should a Client’s delegate fail any service provided by ACDL and ACDL make no guarantee as to a Client’s delegate successfully passing any course.
  5. In case of trainings : If the Client notifies ACDL in writing of an intention to cancel any service more than 2 weeks prior to the commencement date a full refund shall be given. Within 1-2 weeks of the commencement date, a refund of 45% shall be given and less than 1 week prior to the commencement date no refund shall be given. No refund shall be given if a delegate does not attend and the full service fee shall remain payable. Payments made/due after the training dates are still subject to these terms & conditions.
  6. Unless specified, Value Added Tax will not be included in any price and will be charged at the rate in force at the time of quotation.
  7. Interest on overdue invoices may be charged (at the discretion of ACDL) at 8% above the base rate of HSBC Bank until the date of payment and the Client agrees to pay any reasonable expenses incurred by ACDL in pursuing any outstanding debt or debts due from the Client.
  8. Proof of work for services may be submitted for the Client’s approval and ACDL shall incur no liability for any errors not corrected by the Client in proofs so submitted. The Client shall notify ACDL in writing within 7 days stating whether or not the proofs are acceptable. If the Client does not notify ACDL within this period, the proofs will be deemed to have been accepted.
  9. ACDL shall not be liable to the Client by any failure to perform ACDL’s obligations under the Contract if the failure is due to any cause beyond ACDL’s reasonable control. ACDL shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the Client (except in respect of death or personal injury caused by ACDL’s negligence) including loss of profits arising out of performance of the Contract by ACDL (or it’s servants or agents). Especially, ACDL excludes its liability or responsibility for any loss or damage that may result to the Client or a third party in connection with the website, howsoever arising. Nothing in this clause shall exclude or limit the liability of ACDL for death or personal injury or any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited under any applicable law.
  10. ACDL reserve the right to cancel and/or amend training dates, times, contents and venues. Every effort will be made to give the Client as much notice as possible and offer a reasonable alternative. If these are not satisfactory, ACDL shall refund in full the price of the course. No further compensation will be given.
  11. The Client shall indemnify ACDL for any loss or expenses caused as a result of providing inaccurate information to ACDL. Mistakes contained within the Client’s order, changes to the Contract requested by the Client, the cancellation of the Contract by the Client or breach of the Contract by the Client (subject to ACDL using all reasonable endeavours to minimise such loss).
  12. The Client shall not be entitled to set-off or deduct any amount from any invoice unless otherwise agreed by ACDL.
  13. If the Client becomes bankrupt or enters into liquidation administration or administrative receivership or has a receiver of any of its assets appointed (or ceases or threatens to cease carrying on business) ACDL shall be entitled to cancel any outstanding Contract(s) and/or suspend further services without liability to the Client and any sums outstanding shall become immediately due.
  14. ACDL reserves the right to increase the prices quoted at their discretion.
  15. Intellectual Property Rights : The intellectual property rights (including but not limited to all copyright, trade marks and database rights) in the content, layout and structure of the Website are owned by or licensed to ACDL. The Client may not reproduce parts of the content. The content, layout or structure of the Website may not be reproduced or transmitted or made available (in whole or in part) on a network without prior written permission of ACDL, and any content downloaded in accordance with this disclaimer may not be used in any other manner without the prior written permission of ACDL.
  16. Secure Areas: Access to and use of the Client Area and other password protected or secure areas of the Website (together, “Secure Areas”) is restricted to authorised users only. Unauthorised users who attempt to access such areas may be liable to criminal prosecution. The Client may only access Secure Areas once he/she has obtained a username and password from ACDL. ACDL will only issue the Client with a username and password at the sole discretion of ACDL and provided the Client satisfy certain conditions and complete an access application form. Usernames and passwords can be requested by ACDL to use its services. Each username and password is for a single user only. The Client is not permitted to share his/her username and/or password with anyone else, nor with multiple users on a network. The Client and all his delegates are responsible for ensuring the security of their user names and passwords. If their password are revealed to any other party, either deliberately or by accident, then ACDL shall not be liable to the Client for any loss incurred, and the Client agrees to indemnify ACDL against any loss ACDL may suffer as a result of the unauthorised use of his username and/or password by any third party. The Client must notify ACDL immediately if the Client becomes aware or suspect that someone else knows or may become aware of his/her username and/or password.ACDL reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate the access of the Client to any Secure Areas at any time without notice.
  17. If any provision of the Terms is judged to be illegal or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remainder of the provisions of the Terms shall continue in full force and effect.ACDL will use its reasonable endeavours to make the Website available 24 hours a day, however ACDL will not be liable if for any reason the Website is not available at any time or for any period. Access to the Website may be suspended at any time.
  18. Any written notice given under these terms and conditions shall be served either by registered post or by facsimile to the relevant party’s registered/principal office or last known address.
  19. The terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Hong Kong Law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Courts. In the event that one or more clauses of these terms and conditions becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be effected.
  20. Web publication manager: webmaster@aucoeurduluxe.com