Training Content MOËT HENNESSY : creating a specific selling ritual for the brand, directed to travel retail clients.

Training frontline staff is a priority for many brands wanting to offer their clients a memorable and differentiating shopping experience. Moët Hennessy wanted to develop such a unique experience, leveraging its many “Brand Ambassadors”.
AuCoeurDuLuxe’s dedicated team of experts in designing training content was well equipped to answer this challenge.

Solutions & Approach
AuCoeurDuLuxe followed its ARDI approach (Analyse, Recommend, Design, Implement) working closely with the brand’s major stakeholder and developed a customised, unique selling ritual for the brand. A pilot training session was delivered to the brand staff in Hong Kong and further tweaked based on customer experience surveys’ results. The resulting final training program adequately reflected the industry specificities, mapped the diverse mix of customers and offered matching services.
AuCoeurDuLuxe  transferred the program’s content and implementation tools to the brand’s training team to deploy the training worldwide.

The roll-out of this new selling ritual is on-going. The brand’s trainers have reported positive feedbacks from Brand Ambassadors and customers: the program, available in different formats,  offers easy-to-follow steps, is highly interactive and raises the Ambassadors’ awareness in delivering a unique, consistent and memorable customer experience.