This AuCoeurDuLuxe team specialises in identifying local, highly qualified trainers who can be seconded to support brands wherever help is needed. This typically includes training developers, training managers, trainers and coaches.


This AuCoeurDuLuxe team specialises in identifying local highly qualified trainers who can be seconded to support brands wherever help is needed. This typically includes: training developer, training managers, trainers and coach.

AuCoeurDuLuxe talent management is the ideal solution for changes, bottlenecks in capacity or know-how, and for projects.

Fast availability, training experience, knowledge of the sector, and functional expertise allow a broad range of assignments in line management and in the project organisation.


AuCoeurDuLuxe’s staff training solutions offer a multitude of advantages that luxury businesses will reap the rewards from. These include:

  • Training people in other countries – Training talent outsourcing doesn’t have to be localised as it can be implemented by companies with multiple offices around the world for maximum impact.


  • Training talent in-house can be time-consuming and costly, but when outsourcing it and opting to use our luxury team training services, it is a cost-effective way to get employees up to scratch in every aspect of their job.


  • By allowing AuCoeurDuLuxe to do what we do best, businesses can focus on running smoothly and maximising profit.


  • Many companies are venturing into new markets in order to broaden their prospects and profit margins. With our staff training solutions, their employees will be fully equipped with all the skills necessary to help the business soar to new heights.


  • We find the very best luxury retail trainers for businesses and allow them to pass on their wealth of knowledge to the employees.


  • With many businesses hiring people from all walks of life, having staff training can enable other employees to learn about and immerse themselves in different cultures they don’t know about.

Case Study

Pernod Ricard
Pernod Ricard turned to AuCoeurDuLuxe to develop a strategic initiative aiming to increase sales in the fast-paced environment of Travel Retail. One of the challenges was the initial varied level of expertise among the sales staff.

Why AuCoeurDuLuxe?

Given our long-term success, AuCoeurDuLuxe has a wealth of experience in providing bespoke team training services and solutions that benefit businesses across various avenues. Regardless of whether those who need training are managers or newcomers, we find and provide luxury retail trainers that will get the job done and propel companies to new heights.