Have you imagined living with your family in a very small capsule house? The Housing problem is being the severe challenge to HongKongers and many of them live in a capsule house which is a super small unit divided from a small flat. Even though they live in that small unit with adverse environment, the rent per square foot is comparable to the luxury houses in the same area. The capsule room tenant works hard day to day for only the most “basic” living environment.

Being one of the socially responsible organizations, French Chamber Foundation (FCF) is taking the initiative Make It Work HK to take the mission of empowering working poor in Hong Kong. The French Chamber Foundation (FCF) team visited a capsule room, hoping to better understand the situation.

The beneficiary is a 37-year-old single mother facing heavy financial pressure under the COVID-19 pandemic. The small flat we visited was divided into 9 capsule rooms, and 4-5 subdivided rooms. The kitchen had also been converted into a room, and more than a dozen households share one bathroom

The beneficiary shared that the bag of personal care amenities that the team quietly left behind before leaving made her feel that happiness is around in the world. What the FCF team saw was only the tip of the iceberg. The problem of capsule and subdivided rooms can be found all over the city and is a topic that greatly needs our attention.

To caring our society, take your initiative and makeitwork!

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