What is Onboarding?

Onboarding refers to the process of helping new hires understand their day-to-day responsibilities and the company’s values and goals. It also engages employees that are committed to the company’s success and help them integrate into the organization.

However, Gallup & Robinson reported that only 12% of the employees feel their company did a great job onboarding them.

The importance of onboarding process in retail

Employee onboarding is an essential strategy to boost sales,  productivity and reduce turn-over.

When done well, onboarding help to improve customer satisfaction by up to 52%, increase employee retention by 82% and their commitment by 18%.

Higher performance💸

An effective onboarding program helps the new hires become acclimated to the brand selling ceremony and  the store SOP’s. It thus helps them reach higher performance levels much faster and further build loyalty and engagement.

Boost talent retention🚀

When onboarding is done well, it lays a solid foundation for a long-term success for the employee and the employer. It goes a long way in attracting top candidates and retaining them for the long term.

Stronger employee experience😄

Effective onboarding secures compliance with organizational procedures and goals. By aligning new employees with their roles during onboarding, they feel needed and essential in the company. It helps them associate themselves with the workplace culture as well as company success.

Reduce turnover rate👋

Employee turnover is not only a problem of losing a talent, but it is also costly. On average, employers spend 33% of a worker’s annual salary to replace just one employee. A successful onboarding provides businesses with the opportunity to help employees to become engaged in the company culture and make it far less likely that they will be attracted elsewhere.

Why building your onboarding process with ACDL ?

  • +13 years helping to onboard frontliners
  • Onboarding courses series available immediately, on any LMS
  • Fast turn-around customization to fit your onboarding requirements and SOP’s
  • Dedicated trainers to support your requirements on the field
  • Real-time tracking of progress and performance

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